ES File Explorer MOD APK v4.2.9.14 (Premium Unlocked) Download


File management is the process of administering a system that correctly handles digital data. Basically, Our Smartphones contain massive internal storage options, which can’t be managed easily. And that’s why we use the File Manager applications to maintain all our files properly, like saving, deleting, copying, moving, and playing. There are tremendous File Manager applications developed for the Android smartphones available on the Google Play Store, like File Master, Files by Google, and the most beloved ES File Explorer.

ES File Explorer is an exceptional File Managing app, developed years ago offering hundreds of features packed in a single application. It’s basically Chinese software, and that’s why banned in most the countries like India and the USA. Today we’re here with the main motto of providing you with the working ES File Explorer, containing all the impeccable tweaks and premium app interface.

You can download the ES File Explorer MOD APK from the below-most link and can use the ES app, without any Google Play permission in any country. Moreover, this app will offer you the entire premium interface free of charge, which costs 78 RMB or approximately 878.00 INR.

Manage all your files conveniently with futuristic File Manager

If you’re an Android techie and using Android smartphones for the last decade, you must know about the futuristic ES File Explorer application. It’s a simple File Manager or Explorer extension which enables you with all the high-grade features like unzipper, storage cleaner, video player, audio player, file sender, Logger, and Cloud Drive.

But sadly, ES File Explorer is banned in various countries because of the Chinese mechanism. So you can’t download it from the Google Play Store while sitting in restricted countries like India or the USA. But still, if you love the old days and the feature-rich ES File Explorer app, then you can download the modified version of this app from the below-most link and can use it free of charge in any country.

File Manager with the capability of unzipping and recycling

ES File Explorer is an excellent Android File managing software containing almost all the functions needed in our daily life. It assures you of delivering all the functionality like Unzipping, Cloud Uploading, Hidden Files revealing, Space Analyzing, File Sharing, Recycling, and Backing up our files. Well, it doesn’t end here, since ES File Explorer is a futuristic application and it’s upgrading all its features monthly, adding lots of most-current technologies.

If we talk about it nowadays, the ES File Explorer application is employable for watching videos, listening to the audio, and also in reading PDF documents. Moreover, you’ll also get amazed after hearing about the insidious features of this application. But don’t be hurried, below is the modified application containing all the premium features of ES File Explorer. Download it right now and start managing all your files like a Pro.

Enjoy the ES File Explorer with all the unlocked premium features

ES File Explorer was a simple Android app that included the freemium app interface or the premium membership program. But what’s the need for convenience, if no one can afford the most premium membership fees. If you’re suffering from the same obstacle, then don’t worry!

Today we’re here introducing the ES File Explorer MOD APK! It’s an Android application based on file management and filled with all the premium or paid features of the official ES File Explorer app. Meanwhile, you can use all the premium features here with the customizable interface, and there isn’t any need of investing thousands of Indian Rupees.

Free customization options containing theme chooser

ES File Explorer MOD APK is a customizable Android app since no one wanna get stuck in the simple white app theme. Customization is the best option here which offers you four exclusive stuff to change the entire color and wallpaper of the app interface with a single tap. You can try the Dawn theme, Dark Theme, Summer Theme, and the default interface. Must try the dawn theme and you’ll definitely get amazed!

Ad-free app layout for interruption-free management

Apart from the customization options, ES File Manager MOD APK is also offering you the interruption-free file management option. It’s a cool application containing zero advertisements and a clean app interface created for all techie enthusiasts. Since no one can bear interruption while managing the crucial files!!

Enjoy the Powerful Video and Audio Player extension

File Manager applications are generally known for managing files like cutting, copying, deleting, and sharing. But the ES File Explorer has changed the entire view of File Management. It has embedded the robust Video and Audio Player extension inside the management interface, which can help you binge-watching with the MX-Player kinda exclusive features. All you need now is to clear your data space by uninstalling the additional Audio and Video player app and downloading the ES File Explorer MOD APK.

Auto Backup option for Cloud data storing

Again as a futuristic feature, ES File Explorer is offering you the Auto Cloud Backup option. Here you can use the ES Cloud storage and store all your crucial files inside there, to stop the data loss and format problems. ES Cloud is a secure option, and they ensure zero data leakage or loss at every instant of time. So start managing all your files and storing them online automatically with the exclusive tweaky app ES File Explorer MOD APK!!

File Manager app with Video Editor extension

Apart from the Audio and Video Player extension, you can also employ the fundamental video editing tools inside the ES File Explorer MOD APK. It offers you peculiar tools like trimmer, cropper, music-adder, subtitle adder, speed modifier, image overlay, background image, and video rotator. Moreover, you can also use this prominent application for video merging and converting your videos into GIFs.

Final Touch

ES File Explorer MOD APK is a futuristic necessity! It contains a feature-rich app interface with the add-on tools like unzipper, unlocker, video-editor, audio and video player, recycler, and much more with a 100% ad-free interface.

Moreover, you can also customize this application with four different themes for feeling cool every time managing your files. Download this splendid app right now and become a professional player in the File Management stream!

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