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What is WhatsApp APK?

Whatsapp Apk is the most downloaded application in the world which has trillions of users from all over the world and the reviews are also very brilliant and positive. You can easily communicate by sending text messages, voice messages or just simply making calls. You can also do video calls with this application and can see the person sitting on the other side of the world very easily.

You can also send various stickers and make your chat very funny and interesting. You can send as many files you want and never face any difficulty at all. You can also achieve your chats which you want to hide and can also change your WhatsApp status setting. The application is full of wonderful features which can easily fascinate any person.

What is WhatsApp APK?

Whatsapp Apk allows you to call anywhere and anytime. you can enjoy the anti-ban facility and can communicate anywhere in the world where there is any restriction. All the premium versions get unlocked so that you can make best use of the application. There is also no lagging and you can enjoy the application in a very optimized and fast way.

Is Whatsapp APK Safe?

Yes, Whatsapp Apk is absolutely safe.

How do I Edit WhatsApp Apk Messages?

In Whatsapp Apk, simply copy your messages and then edit them. Afterwards, you can simply paste your edited texts.

Can I Change the Font Style in Whatsapp APK?

Yes, you can change the font style in Bold and Italics in Whatsapp Apk

Free Unlimited Call Feature

Whatsapp Apk allows you to make free unlimited calls so that you can enjoy calling anyone anytime. You can make good use of this fabulous feature and can call without spending any money.

Endless Texting

Whatsapp Apk also allows its users to do unlimited and endless texting so that they can text their loved ones or their friends or any other person for free.

Easily Send upto 30 Files or more

In Whatsapp Apk you can send big files which can be greater than 30. This means that you can send as many files as you want by using this application and the process is very effortless.

Hide your Last Seen

Whatsapp  Apk also allows you to hide your last seen. In this way you can save yourself from getting your privacy breached because your last activity status will not be shown to the people.

Status Text Limitation Increased

Whatsapp  Apk has also increased the status text limit which means that you can type any status of any length in the application for free and there is no need to worry about any limitations.

Convenient Conference and Group Calls

In Whatsapp  Apk you can also make very convenient group calls and conference calls you can add lots of people and can make your group calls very much interesting and productive

No Blue Ticks Feature

In Whatsapp  Apk also removes the blue Tech feature which means that if you do not want to show anyone your blue ticks, you can simply turn off the feature and no one knows whether you have seen the text or not.

Saving the WhatsApp Statuses

Whatsapp Apk also gives the very beneficial feature that you can save the WhatsApp status of anyone. You can easily save the videos or pictures without downloading other applications for saving them.

Lots of New Emos

Whatsapp  Apk also have so many emojis which you can use to send to your concerned persons and make your chat very much funny and interesting.

Send Videos of 50 MBs

In Whatsapp  Apk you can send lots of videos and you can also send videos of over 50 MB size which is quite huge.

Automatic Replies to Messages

Whatsapp  Apk also keeps you an excellent opportunity that it automatically replies to the messages as per your given instructions.


So, it is concluded that Whatsapp Apk is a great communication application which will provide you with spectacular features and a very remarkable interface. The very profound and astounding features of WhatsApp have made it the best communication application available on the internet. You can easily make infinite calls and messages to your loved one so that they can enjoy listening to you and can also watch you by doing the video calls. You can also add as many stickers as you want and can also send an abundance of files. The media sharing feature is also very nice which will also let you send as many big videos as you want. So if you are not having this application make sure to download it and try it by your own self also let us know your valuable feedback in the comments section.

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