AudioLab MOD APK 1.2.95 (Pro Unlocked) Download

Audiolab Mod Apk is an application that modifies the audio on your Android phone. It can be used to make recordings louder or quieter, change the pitch of a recording, and more. The app also features an equalizer so you can adjust the sound quality of your music player. The app is free to download.

If you are looking for a way to enhance your experience with music, Audiolab Pro Apk is the perfect app. This free application gives you exclusive features that allow you to create and share an ever-changing soundscape with other users worldwide.

The Audiolab is a free-to-play audio app that enhances your listening experience by modifying the sound quality. The app includes an equalizer, a virtual room simulator, and several beneficial effects. You can also use the app to create your soundscape and share it with other users worldwide.

What is Audiolab Mod Apk

Audiolab Mod Apk is an app designed to help optimize your phone’s sound quality. It will give you more clarity in your music’s volume, bass, and treble levels so that you can get the best possible listening experience from your phone. This means less distortion and a more crisp sound across all frequencies. If you want a better overall audio experience on your Android device, then this app is for you!

Audiolab is the best app for android users. It has a lot of features that are not available in other apps. The app helps you download audio and video files from the internet with just one click on your device screen. The software allows you to create and share your soundscape with other users and adjust the sound quality of your music player by using an equalizer. Audiolab is a free-to-play music application that enables you to modify the sound of your songs and add different effects. The software includes an equalizer, a virtual room simulator, and audio filters.

Features of Audiolab Mod Apk

You will enjoy many features if you download and install Audiolab on your Android device. Some of the most important ones include the following. It is not easy to search for the best music app, and many apps on Google Play Store exist. I will introduce a new audio player with all features you need from audio players: visualizer, equalizer, and more. It is called Audiolab Mod Apk.

The app is a new modded audio player created by the developer. It has features that make it stand out from other audio players, such as playing music in the background while doing other tasks on your phone. This article will cover what Audiolab does and how you can download it.

The most important feature of the software is that it lets you control the sound quality. This means you can make your songs louder or quieter, change their pitch, apply effects such as reverb and echo, and adjust the volume balance between tracks.

Enjoy the best possible sound quality

The app includes an equalizer and several other features that enhance your listening experience. You can also adjust the sound settings of your music player.

Create and share your soundscapes

You can use Audiolab to create a unique soundscape you can listen to whenever you want. It is a great way to relax and enjoy music on your phone. Plus, you can also share it with other users worldwide.

Adjust the sound quality of your music player

There is an equalizer in the app that enables you to adjust the sound settings on your phone. You can use it to change how loud or quiet a song is and alter its pitch and tone.


Audiolab has an equalizer that enables you to enhance the sound quality of your songs. It is a feature that balances out all the tones in music, so they sound clear and crisp. You can use it with both regular pieces and those you have created yourself using this software.

Audio filters

There are several audio filters that you can use with Audiolab. These include a bass filter, a reverb filter, and a stereo-widening effect. It lets you adjust songs to sound better and create unique  soundscapes using the recording feature.

Key Features of Audiolab Mod Apk

  • Audio Converter & Mp3 Converter.
  • MP3 Cutter & Audio Cutter.
  • Record Your Voice Like a Pro.
  • Trim and Edit Mp3 Files.
  • Capture Sound from Microphone Recording ( Virtual Recorder ).
  • Audio Player With Equalizer and Extra Bass.
  • Advanced Music Player with Multiple Beautiful Themes.
  • Many More Cool & Hidden Features are Available..!
  • Download Audiolab Latest version Apk Here
  • Download Audiolab from Versions.
  •  Noise Removal & Audio Normalize.

How to Download Audiolab Mod Apk

Audiolab is an application that modifies the sound of your songs. You can make them louder or quieter, change their pitch, add effects such as reverb and echo, and adjust the volume balance between tracks. Audiolab supports several features that allow you to enjoy a better listening experience.

Step 1. Go to the official website

Step 2. Search “Audiolab Mod Apk” without quotes in the search box.

Step 3. The Download option will appear. Now click on the Download option.

Step 4. The file will be downloaded, and it’s time to install it.

Step 5. Once you are done with the installation process, you can use the Audiolab App by opening it from App Drawer or Menu, depending on your device.

After installing, Open the application and enjoy it!!!

Audiolab Mod Apk FAQs

This application makes you listen to music without knowing the name of songs or artists. You can enjoy many tracks on your phone, but others are unavailable. The application works by playing music in the background, even when you are doing other tasks on your phone.

Q 1. What is Audiolab Mod Apk?

A 1. Audiolab is a free music player that lets you change the sound settings of your songs to enhance their quality. It features an equalizer, several audio effects, filters, and more flexible options.

Q 2. How do I download Audiolab Mod Apk?

A 2. You can get Audiolab Mod Apk on the official website of this software. You will need to use a download manager, such as IDM, to speed up the process and avoid errors.

Q 3. What does Audiolab Mod Apk do?

A 3. This software lets you modify various sound settings of your songs. You can make them louder, lower their volume, change the sound balance between the left and proper channels, add effects such as echo and reverb, and much more.

Q 4. How do I personalize my music experience?

A 4. Audiolab Mod Apk allows you to adjust the various sound settings of your favorite songs. You can change their volume, choose the left or right channel for playback, and add effects such as reverb, echo, and more.

Q 5. How do I uninstall Audiolab Mod Apk?

A 5. This application does not require a manual removal process due to its small size and lack of annoying features that would prompt you to uninstall it.


Audiolab Mod Apk is one of Android’s best music player apps. It uses very little memory and CPU, so you can enjoy your favorite music without overheating or device performance problems. This application has a simple user interface that focuses on its features, making it ideal for people with many songs on their devices.

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