App Cloner v2.15.2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download


When it comes to depending on one app and switching between accounts, it doesn’t sound much convenient and even gets bothersome at some point. So mostly for social media users with multiple accounts, this really might get on the nerve, not gonna lie. So to make solvency of that problem, App Cloner Premium can be the savior in need in such times.

Most of the time users can have only one account logged in at a time in social media apps, but App Cloner Premium enables the users to make a clone app where multiple accounts are logged in and functioning simultaneously in both apps. So you don’t have to log out any but just switching between the apps is the solution. This is the most tentative way to save your time and hassle with the best premium features of a cloning app with the App Cloner Premium Apk.

To make it easier you can think that you might have 2 Facebook accounts and only one Facebook app. So while switching you are having to log out from one and log into another or go to the main menu and switch between apps and whatnot. But if you have two Facebook apps (one main and one cloned), then you just have to switch between the apps and work on both of the accounts simultaneously without having any hassle.

Introducing incognito login with protected privacy

Integrating the incognito mode is a blessing for those especially those who run corporate accounts. So this mode restricts snoopers to breach your private data. Even if not used for cloning, App Cloner Premium Apk can have you unlock this premium feature of protecting your data even on the main app account.
Switch between apps within a blink

Well, wasn’t it a hassle to switch between accounts? But now with the premium cloning features on the App Cloner Premium Apk, you still can switch – but between apps, not accounts. So you are simultaneously using both accounts in real-time on both apps together. No stress of missing any notification or using different devices to switch etc. etc. anymore.

No conflicting or clashing on the parallel platforms

Most of the time while using any other cloning apps, the cloned platforms might clash or not update with real-time notifications. The lag generates from the differences between the main app running on your operating system and the inefficiency of the cloning app to keep up with the speed and power. Which is the premium benefit of the App Cloner Premium Apk where it runs smoothly without clashing with the main app running on your OS and performs independently without conflicting the data. This also results in no sudden crash of the app or loss of data you might experience or fear to face when it comes to using app cloners.

You can reset vaster permission categories as needed

App Cloner Premium Apk isn’t only about just cloning the app but also enables you to have more control over your devices and accounts. With the free App Cloner Apk, you could have to rewrite up to 5 permission only. But with the App Cloner Premium MOD Apk, you can rewrite way more permissions suitable for your usage and choice. So just customize the permission whenever needed however suits upon installation or anytime during the app performance.

Customize your logo or icon in the cloned version

This has to be the coolest premium feature of App Cloner Premium Apk. When cloned, it is really tough at times with the eye-blinks to understand which is the original app and which one is the clone. To solve that App Cloner Premium Apk gives you this cool premium feature of customizing the cloned apps logo or icon to your taste. From a variety of options, you can change the color of the icon or logo of the cloned app and makes it much easier to discover. That way it is faster, convenient, and efficient to differentiate it from the original app running on your OS and access it within a much shorter time.

FREE of cost and no ads

If there is something that is continuously bothersome with no complaints, that will be the ads out of where in the middle of some serious work. None likes to spend even 5 seconds (well multiple times whenever the apps show up) to skip the ad or continue the work after the ad. The main reason is it is not just for once or twice, it pops us anytime anywhere in the middle of the app running and counting up to the numbers it wastes a lot of time. So thinking of that our App Cloner Premium MOD Apk has unlocked this amazing benefit for you by removing all the possible ads like banner ads or pop-ups or whatsoever so that you can just enjoy the premium benefits with no waste of time. And all these come for free from us.


With all the amazing benefits or premium features that App Cloner Premium Apk comes with, our App Cloner Premium MOD Apk has added some more beneficial twists to it. So that you can enjoy more of the app’s premium benefits with the same easy process of installation. Of all possible cloning solutions, App Cloner Premium Apk is undoubtedly the most recommended one among the users for its granted reliable benefits and premium features that are comparatively more powerful and stable no matter how hardy the main app is. On top of that, our App Cloner Premium MOD Apk has added a cherry on the top with the ‘no ads’ feature for you to enjoy the realm of the premium features and benefits that App Cloner Premium Apk has to offer. So with no time to waste, just head to the ‘download’ button’ and get it installed in no time, start switching between the apps and track your accounts simultaneously with no clash or crash and reliable privacy protection.

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