What is cloud computing? Everything you need to know about the cloud computing? ST920

In today’s time, anyone who sees it talks about cloud storage. If we talk about the old times, then floppy disks were used in the name of storage. But due to less space, it was not possible to bring it to further use. In its place again CD and DVD were used. Now we already know that flash drives and pen drives are being used. External hard drives are also prevalent now.

There is a promotion in technology, so it is a matter of fact that more data collection will be required. So that is why the research of cloud storage was done. It is a service where our data is maintained, managed and backed up remotely. With this service we can store our files online. Whenever we need it, we can access it from anywhere.

What is Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a storage system that keeps data in an off-site storage system and is handled by a third party. You can store your personal information in a remote storage instead of your personal computer (PC) or any local storage. Cloud storage is considered very good in the old way. Authorization to access your data can also be given to another person so that even if we are not available there, our work can be done without stopping.

Types of Cloud Storages

Personal Cloud Storage

It is also called Mobile Cloud Storage, personal cloud storage is a part of public cloud storage in which an individual’s data is stored in the cloud. And access to it is given in the hands of that person so that they can access it anytime and from anywhere. We use these from anywhere on any device.

Public Cloud Storage

Large enterprises store their data in this cloud storage. Here enterprise and cloud storage providers do not integrate together and work in the enterprise data center. It does not manage storage as an enterprise, but does the same company that provides storage service to these enterprises.

Private Cloud Storage

It is a form of cloud storage where both the enterprise and the cloud storage provider combine or integrate into the enterprise’s data center. Here this private cloud storage has the infrastructure of the storage provider. And which is typically managed only by the storage provider. Private cloud storage provides help against any security threat, and also solves any performance issue.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

Hybrid storage is formed by joining public and private, meaning there is a combination. Some critical data of cloud storage resides in the private cloud of the enterprise, while other data can be stored and accessed.

Advantages of Cloud Storage
We can access our data from anywhere
We can increase the storage as much as we want
Chances of losing our data are less
We can also share our data easily.

Disadvantages of Cloud Storage
After a little bandwidth, we have to pay for more bandwidth.
There is a risk of data theft
Anyone can access our data from anywhere through a password.
We cannot use the data directly, to use the data has to be saved in the phone.
Monthly charges of cloud storage companies are expensive
Best Cloud Storage Services

#1. Google Drive

Google Drive is a kind of free service that Google launched for users on April 24, 2012. It allows users to store files online and access them from any corner of the world and that too with the help of cloud.

Google Drive provides us with access to a variety of free web-based applications. So that we can do many things such as creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. Google has launched its iOS app in June 2012.

#2. Media fire

Mediafire is a file hosting and cloud storage service that provides a platform. Media fire has 2 options free of cost and ek pay. We are giving 10 GB space to our customer in a free account. And after 2012 IN media fire added up to 50 GB of space to each customer. And after 2014 the media fire rate increased from 100GB to 1TB.

You can share any kind of file through this platform. With the help of this file sharing platform, both public and private types of files can be shared. With the help of this platform, you can share personal files in an easy way. Each user can control permissions to read and write files. And can easily update the settings of the file.

#3. One Drive

One Drive is a service from Microsoft that all Microsoft Account Users can use for free. Which is the best and easiest way to keep files and important data safely. But for this, it is considered necessary for us to have an Outlook account with Microsoft.

Microsoft Cloud Store OneDrive is known as Skydrive. One Drive was launched about 8 years ago. When it was first launched it was known as Windows Live Folders. In One Drive, a user was given 5 GB of free storage. But when Sky Drive was named OneDrive, its storage was increased to 15 GB.

#4. Mega Cloud Storage

Mega Cloud Storage is a kind of online storage in which you can store your data. Or you can also View it. This cloud storage is made by a company named Mega which is a New Zealand company. The plans of Mega Cloud Storage are not very expensive either. This company offers you a plan ranging from 1 month to 1 year.

#5. Dropbox

Dropbox is an American company that provides cloud storage. In this you can sign up through your email and can create your account. Like the local file manager, you can also create different folders in it and save your data in it. In this you get free storage up to 2GB

#6. P Cloud Storage

P cloud was launched in 2013, it is a best cloud storage service in which we get 10gb of free storage and if we want more storage then we have to subscribe to it. It gives the security of AES 256-bit encryption to its users. It provides very fast and secure service.