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What is Mobile Insurance?

Insurance, as the name implies, serves to safeguard against financial loss. Insurance for mobile phones protects their owners against financial loss if their expensive devices are lost or damaged. Due to the importance of mobile phones, it is wise to invest in mobile insurance in case of a catastrophic loss.

Advantages of Having Mobile Insurance

  • Protect your pricey phone from being stolen or broken.
  • In the event of any software or hardware failure, you will be entitled to a new phone per the plan’s terms.
  • Advantage from quick and simple replacement.
  • This plan might help you save cash in the long run if your phone has a history of malfunctioning.

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare for their brand-new smartphone to break. Problems with the phone’s software or hardware that aren’t the consequence of abuse are usually covered under warranty. However, mobile phone insurance exists to cover the cost of a broken or lost phone.

If you’re searching for adequate mobile insurance in India, you’ve come to the correct spot since many smartphone manufacturers provide insurance plans when you purchase a new phone, but not all. We have gathered a list of the most acceptable phone insurance options available in India to cover damages to your phone.

#1. OneAssist Mobile Insurance

Protect your expensive smartphone against accidental damage and loss with OneAssist, one of the best mobile phone insurance plans. OneAssist further provides you with a more extended warranty period. In addition, eligible plans offer theft insurance.

In addition to offering cashless repairs, OneAssist will also pick up and drop off your smartphone at no cost. Why should I choose OneAssist Mobile Insurance? All in all, it simplifies the claims process. Consumers may contact OneAssist at any time when they have questions or concerns.

OneAssist mobile insurance is an excellent option if you seek dependable coverage if your phone is damaged.

#2. Onsite Go

Onsite Go is the most recent addition to the mobile insurance market. This insurance, like many others, provides coverage for electronic equipment beyond mobile phones. These additional gadgets include cameras, air conditioners, laptops, TVs, and more.

The company or online retailer Amazon offers customers the protection package for sale. Various coverage options are available, such as an extended warranty and protection against accidental damage caused by spills, drops, and other hazards.

Screen protection will pay for repairs or replacements for any damage to your screen while the policy is active. If your phone is damaged due to being dropped or spilled on, the insurance will pay to have it repaired or replaced. You will be required to sign up for this plan on the same day you buy the phone to be eligible for it.

Your warranty will be extended for the life of the plan; however, the program will only cover issues with the software and hardware caused by the manufacturer.

#3. Acko Phone Insurance

Acko Mobile Insurance is yet another fantastic choice for consumers looking for mobile phone protection that is currently on the market. You can get mobile device insurance via Acko by purchasing the mobile device from Amazon. Acko Mobile Insurance is required to buy one of the new phones. The scheme does not extend its protection to previously owned or resold electronic devices.

The Acko mobile insurance policy will pay for repairs for both accidental liquid damage and accidental physical damage. Additionally, Acko offers protection if the screen is damaged. All claims for theft, loss, or damage that are reported more than seven days after the incident will not be covered by the guarantee. Neither would damage accessories (such as the SIM card or memory card), even if they were reported within seven days of the incident.

#4. Syska Gadget Secure Mobile Insurance

It’s a sure guarantee that your electronic devices will be protected if you insure them with Syska Gadget Secure. In addition to insurance, it covers preventative actions such as blocking and monitoring devices.

Only recently purchased mobile devices are eligible for coverage under an insurance policy. In the event of a covered loss, such as a fire, burglary, or flood, the insurance will provide compensation. You need to purchase the Syska Gadget Secure insurance package to get protection. After acquiring a new smartphone, you must go online and register it within the first two days after making the purchase.

#5. Airtel Secure Mobile Insurance

Airtel Secure Mobile Insurance is the final option for phone insurance. You may add it to the plan if the mobile device is less than a year old on the billing date. If you attempt to make the conversion from postpaid to prepaid, your insurance will be null and worthless.

The insurance will pay for any liquid or unintentional damage to the phone. The insurance policy is suitable for an entire year once activated using the My Airtel app.

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