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What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing: Almost everyone knows the importance of marketing. But for those who don’t know, I will say that marketing is promotion. And the products, services that we promote through email is called email marketing.

What about Email Marketing?

If you want to be a good email marketer, your website or blog doesn’t exist. A website without you. This blog is good at email marketing. All you need to do email marketing is to have the tool along with your email id. Software can also help you with this task. In which you get a tool to use many methods.  Start Email Marketing Why you need to collect email addresses and all email addresses are like people deep and forward only then you will be able to do successful email marketing and make money with email marketing.

How to Save an Email Address?

There are many ways to store your e-mails on the Internet. We will cover best practices as well as why we may store your email address.

1) Website or blog subscriber :-

Websites and blogs are a great way to store email addresses. You can add subscriptions and collect email addresses to your website or blog. And you can save your email address through your subscription box.

2) Social networks:-

Join social media groups like facebook, twitter, instagram, earn money online, do marketing and post attractive posts with logo. And tag your post with your email id.

3) YouTube video :-

You can also save your YouTube video with an email address. Bas apa log ke kaam ki ek video banani hai. In this video you again deny providing any service. You can give your email id.

4) Paid services :-

If you don’t want to do everything and want to save time, you can buy an email list for any amount of money. Here is a great way to save email addresses. Now save your email address. Ab ye bhi jana hai ki hum un email list ko kis software mein utiliz kar sath hamara time bache ek sath sabhi logo ko wo mail chale jaye. Let’s know what software it is.


The Best Email Marketing Software

You can find many such programs on the Internet, but let me tell you about some of the best.

1) OptinMonster

2) Weber

3) Postal chip

4) Drain

5) Constant contact

6) Response

Friends here are some of the best software to help you build an email list easily, here you can add email marketing.

Will it Cost to Start Email Marketing?

The cost of starting email marketing is now yours. By the way, you can spend 9 to 100 dollars in Survati. If you have millions of email IDs, you can spend $200 to $400 to maintain them. But earnings can be many times higher.

How Does Email Marketing Make Money?

If you have 400 or 5000 email addresses, you can start making money. But remember one thing, keep increasing your email address collection because more email address collection more money you can earn. Email marketing is very effective in making money. But here I can tell you some great solutions.

1) Affiliate program:-

You can make a lot of money with email marketing by using Amazon or Flipkart shopping site. Amazon and Flipkart are very trusted websites these days. What product do most people buy? So you join Amazon or Flipkart affiliate program and get their product link via email.

2) Increase blog/YouTube traffic

You can increase traffic to your blog or YouTube through email marketing. Your blog or YouTube channel will grow and you will be able to earn a lot of money. All bloggers get traffic to their blogs in one way or another.

3) Product + service + review

You can earn money by reviewing any product or service. It can check your android app, facebook page, amazon product, online courses.

4) By selling the product

If you have a product and want to sell it, then email marketing is the best way for you. You can sell your product through email marketing and earn decent money.

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