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How are you brothers, hope you all are doing well. Friends, in which article today I am going to give you luts, as you people know that with vn luts you can color grade your video and today in this article I will give it to you 35+ Trending vn filter, with the help of which you can change the video in different colors in just one click and all these luts are in different colors and how will you use them. I have put the video on my youtube channel. If you want to see then go and search. There you will find it so from there you can see how I used it. Well, I will give you the link here. You can go and checkout.

35+ Trending vn filter download on your device in 1 click.

It is quite easy to download, follow the following simple steps given down below.

Starting with Head over to the download button.

Click over the download menu.

Then, you will be redirected to a Google drive folder.

That’s it, your preset download check the download material on your.

Now select the preset you want to download then click on Download icon.

Features   –

– Zoom in/out the timeline

– Tap to split, drag, delete, and duplicate video clips.

– Save draft whenever you need a break.

How to use LUT pack on your Android device

Starting with open the VN video editor App on your android device.

Now, Click on + button to create a new project.

Then add the video on which you want to apply the LUT.

Now select the added video clip on the timeline

Go to Filters ,then click on + button to add a custom LUT

Now select the LUT from the LUT pack according to your desirable look.

And ,it’s done ,now you can add any additional change according to your requirement ,otherwise it’s ready to save and share on your Social Media Platforms.

How to download 35+ Trending vn filter :-

At the bottom you will find a download button. From there you can download it. If you click there, you will get a zip file. There you will find the button to download it. He has to download it and then you can extract the zip and add it to it.

Your Download Will Start in seconds


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