What Is Share Market or Stock Market 765

After all, what is the Share Market? Share market or stock market is understood as a market.

which is actually a collection of many markets and exchanges where people buy and sell shares on a regular basis.

Only shares of those companies that are listed on the stock market are bought and sold here.

That is, such companies in which you can invest your money. A stock market is an electronic market where investors can buy and sell their shares. Simply put, the stock market is where shares in a listed company are bought and sold. These are bought and sold through the stockbroker of the listed company on the BSE or the NSE itself.

share market or stock market.

is a market where shares of many companies are bought and sold. According to the market, due to fluctuations and fluctuations in many things, stock prices also fall and rise, due to which some people here either make a lot of money or lose all their money. Buying shares in a company means that you become a partner in that company. This makes the company’s growth and profit your profit.

This loss of profit is monitored every second so that the strategy of making the most money and losing as little as possible is applied.

Whether you invest any money in the stock market or say that according to the number of shares you buy, a certain percentage of the owner becomes this company. Every company has its market value,

according to which the price of its shares is determined. However, it is constantly changing, due to which profit or loss is calculated.

All these purchases and sales are made through the network. With the increase in technology, you can now know stock solutions at your home as well as buy and sell stocks very easily.

by selling shares.If you want to buy stocks then it is very important for you to have a demat account and trading account.Because in the olden days stocks were traded on paper and at that time when we bought stocks we had to go to auctions and buy stocks by bidding. The shares we received in exchange for money were also on paper, which had to be kept very carefully.

How to make money in Stock market.

But now, nowadays, we don’t have to go anywhere and we can buy shares from the stock market very easily using .

your trading account that you have at home. Nowadays shares have also dematerialized so we .

don’t even need to go anywhere for them, once we buy shares from trading account, likewise shares will come to our demat account in Few minutes.

Even if we want to sell the shares, they don’t need to tell us,.

just open a demat account and place an order on the stock exchange from the trading account.

we can sell the shares very easily and all this is very easy in any way. time.Once our stock sale is done, immediately.

The shares are debited from our demat account and all the money including profits will come to our demat.

Account and then we can transfer this money to our bank account and withdraw from ATM.

Nowadays it is all very easy because with the help of technology we can very easily .

link all your accounts together and earn money easily without any extra hard work.

How to learn stock market work?

To learn how the stock market works you must first understand the stock market.

because you invest in the stock market only if you have a good knowledge of the stock market because .

if you invest your money in the stock market without learning then 100% of your money. before investing in stock market .

you should get complete information about that stock. What is the rate of this stock, what was its rate some time ago.

he stock you want to buy will give you profit or loss in the future or you can also read a book related to stock market for more information.

When should one invest money in Stock market?Until you get a good knowledge of stock market multiplication .

that is the stock market and whenever you invest money in the stock market you should start from a small .

level because the sooner the money would double in it. . That means they are millionaires, .

once people lose their money, you start by buying a small share and only when you have a very good knowledge about it, you go further.